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Increase revenue and guest satisfaction

Deliver perfect guest experiences with Bizzon.


Take orders online, in-store or at the table.


Know guests based on their purchase history.


Set up staff permissions.


Configurable, real time reporting

lets you track inventory, manage supply chain, even look after every order and audit staff.


ePOS for success

Bizzon is an easy to use set of tools that grow with you.

From the first menu to multi-location.

It covers digital and real-time payments: cards, online, over the phone.

Splits the bill, divides the tips, transfers tables between staff at the end of the shift.

Bizzon syncs your kitchen and/or bar.

Shows your client purchase history without them ever using a loyalty card.

So you can treat your guests right at every opportunity.

And grow, until you have a place in every city in the world.

Bizzon can take it.

All in their hands

With Bizzon you’re in staffing heaven.

All you have to do is create a menu.

Your staff see the entire offer on their mobile devices.

They just tap the button and read the description on the screen.

Orders they take arrive at the chosen section of the bar or the kitchen immediately.

You get to keep an eye on the entire process.

Throw in a quick promotion if need be or give them VIP treatment based on their purchase history.

When they are done, the same mobile device is their till.


Amazing analytics

With Bizzon every segment of your business is analysed in real time.

How much of your signature dishes remain in stock after a busy night?

How many kegs do you need to order for Saturday, based on the data from all of the previous Saturdays this year?


Who earned the most and who was the slowest?

Just one of the thousands of reports you can get in real time and customise to your needs.

Online ordering in a jiffy

Customer facing apps and interactive self-service kiosks are an integral part of Bizzon.

A branded menu website is generated in seconds, enabling your guests to order on their way to your destination, or from your location using an interactive self-service kiosks.

Multiple sales with pickups and takeaways – things you were understaffed to do before Bizzon now are easy as one-two-Bizzon.


Bizzon for Restaurants

From the moment your guests are seated and ordering their drinks Bizzon is hard at work.

Orders are instantly transferred to kitchen displays (or printers).

Everyone knows what to do to complete an order and can see where in the process of serving a guest they are.

Wine by the glass, split bills or shared meals – Bizzon covers all options and tracks stock along the way.

You can create specials in seconds and treat guests based on their purchase history.

What are you waiting for?

Tell me more

*Integrated with ResDiary

Bizzon for Cafes

Bizzon has a menu inventory designed for bean lovers – as many variations and add ons as you can come up with, all controlled from one central interface for all of your locations (or just the one, if you’ve just started)

Let clients order a pickup or takeaway cup of joe using an interactive self-service kiosk or a branded menu website generated in seconds.

Make up special offers.

Treat your loyal customers.

See what your bestsellers are in real time and sell more than ever before thanks to Bizzons half a second transaction rate.

Bizzon for sports and concert venues

However many bars and sales points you have set up through your venue, once the crowds pour in, it all turns into a battlefield.  

Bizzon scales easy and runs a single inventory for all of your stations.

Gives you data to help move in-demand items to frequent locations.

Serves more than ever before with half a second transaction power.

Adds it all up and cross-references it with the inventory at the end of the night.

See what Bizzon does

Our analytics are real time and intuitive

Bizzon for QSR

With Bizzon you can sell more than ever before, as it makes ordering easy and fast both in-house and online.

Turns those orders into kitchen slips in no time, optimising your kitchen performance.

Processing your payment in half a second

Updates your stock after every order and helps manage it all via a single, customizable interface, no matter how many locations you might have.

Run multiple admin accounts with various levels of control and data access – location managers can see their own location, but only you see all in Bizzon

Get your Bizzon

at 0.5 seconds per transaction

Half a second sale

When it comes to paying, you want it fast and accessible in any shape or form.

Bizzon processes transactions in half a second.

0.485 seconds to be exact.

Smooth, fast, reliable.

Up and running in 24 hours

Call us today, and you might get your Bizzon within 24 hours

(if your bank can handle the paperwork that fast).

Once we install everything and test it on your location, it is all in your hands.

(Support is a phone call away)

Bizzon is PCI compliant and P2Pe ready.

Grow global, pay local

Wherever you are now with your business, Bizzon can cover all of your needs and streamline your managerial process.

Orders, reports, invoices, tracking and creating special offers.

Packed with features, intuitive to use.

All within one interface, few taps or clicks away.

As you open your second place, Bizzon covers it.

Third as well.

Why not grow up to a hundred places in every corner of the world.

Bizzon does not change.

All of the functionality is there from the get-go.

Waiting for you to grow.

Have questions about Bizzon

We got a lot of answers over at our support.

You might see your Bizzon referred to as Agent Cash during the transition period (We decided to rebrand recently).

No need for alarm.

Business as usual.