We’re dedicated to making the restaurant experience better with technology. We offer you full flexibility, customisation and support, so your guests can enjoy the best of the best. Here’s what we’re serving…

Ordering and payments

Host a smarter ePOS solution.

Keep ordering and payments smooth, simple and safe for both your team and your guests. Combine traditional and digital ordering with a mobile-first ePOS solution packed full of benefits.

  • Mobile and fixed terminals work on your own terms and network connections.
  • Take more orders with digital ordering, pay as you go, click & collect. No stress.
  • Flag allergies and preferences with filters. Your guests can remove all items containing allergens from the menu with a simple touch.
  • Over 100 currencies supported makes Bizzon a truly global solution.
  • PCI DSS L1 compliant and accepting it all: Apple Pay, Google Pay™, contactless payments, and multiple international bank acquirers.
  • Split, share, settle and even refund bills with ease. Great for your staff, delightful for your guests.
  • No manual reconciliation at the end of the shift. We do the work.
Ordering and payments

Reporting and decision making

Better reports = better decisions.

Take advantage of a connected and intelligent platform. With up-to-the-second data and reporting dashboards at your fingertips, you can make smarter decisions.

  • Access real-time data so you can review the action every minute.
  • Customise reports and focus on the issues important to you.
  • Tag menu items and see in-depth feedback on the effectiveness of menu design.
  • See tiny details and the bigger picture. Drill into a single outlet or zoom out to the whole group and compare performance in all your sites.
  • Track all KPIs across the estate in a simple dashboard.
  • Receive actionable insights and a holistic view of your business.
Reporting and decision making
Table management

Table management

No waiting for waiters.

Turn tables quicker, accommodate more guests and manage your bookings with ease. Efficient for your business, delightful for your guests.

  • ResDiary integration helps you manage your bookings and adapt to changes.
  • Intuitive table planner means you can quickly find space for guests the second they walk in.
  • Make adjustments on the fly with merge and unmerge. Place big groups in multiple tables or break up big tables with smaller groups.
  • Keep track of meals with status updates. See meal stages and activity, so you’ll know which tables to expedite. Plus no one will ever have to wait to pay the bill.

Inventory and purchasing

Stay on top of demands.

Enjoy complete control of stock levels and pricing. Know where your supplies are and how much they really cost — control those margins and stay on top of changes in profitability.

  • Record and trace so you know where supplies are at all times. Ordered? Expected? Delivered? Sold?
  • Sync your stock with every order, right down to recipe ingredients in each menu item.
  • See your true costs and review margins in real time.

Restaurant management

Offer the ultimate dining experience.

2 for 1 beers or Happy Hour fries? Paying by round or want to open a tab? Let us handle it. And don't worry about the operational overhead. Take complete control with our menu capabilities, and use dynamic pricing to offer sweet deals to your guests on the go.

  • Create outlets to separate your operations. Organise your offer into logical business units.
  • Channel management means you can control what goes where.
  • Audit log helps you manage permissions and track users.
  • Set different prices for the same inventory. Treat VIP guests. Charge more for room service items. Just don't worry about operational overheads.
  • Change prices in real time with dynamic pricing.
  • Menu builder lets you manage photos, description, and recipes within all your menus.
  • Reduce training costs by giving staff less to learn.
  • Reduce labour costs by empowering staff with easy-to-use tools.

Power your restaurant with a smarter platform.