Wednesday 2/12/2020

All we want for Christmas is Tier 0

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… unless you’re: 

  • In Tier 3 
  • In Tier 2 
  • A wet-led pub

It’s fair to say that we all hoped (and wished and prayed) that we would return to some level of normality by December. But as the lockdowns ‘lifts’ and the hospitality industry reopens, we’re finally resigned to the fact that the festive season is going to look very different this year. The government’s decision to continue enforcing tier systems has dashed our hopes of a ‘normal’ Christmas - despite operators best efforts to provide Covid-safe environments for patrons. 

December is, for many businesses, the most important trading period in the hospitality sector. According to UKHospitality, if the restrictions last the entire month of December, an estimated £7.8 billion worth of trading is set to be wiped out compared to 2019 .’ 

It sounds pretty grim, and has understandably, left operators angry and dejected. 

For this reason, we urge you to do everything you can to support your local restaurant / hotel or cafe. They will pour their heart and soul into your dining experience, and we have no doubt they will continue to do everything they can to ensure it’s a Christmas to remember. 

Here are some of the ways you can spread Christmas cheer:

  • Leave a great review
    Advocacy goes a long way in attracting new customers.  Help F&B businesses by leaving a positive review of your recent experience. It literally takes you 2 minutes to do. 
  • Tip staff - generously 
    Front & Back of House staff lost a huge proportion of their income during lockdowns 1& 2. Be generous this festive season - even if you’re using new mobile ordering solutions. Our tipping feature is supported on our ‘Click & Collect’, ‘Order at Table’ and ‘Order & Pay Straight Away’ services.
  • Buy gift vouchers 
    If you can’t meet up with friends and family this Christmas, support your favourite restaurant or hotel by buying a gift card to use at a later stage. 
  • Click and collect
    Bored of working from home? Go for a walk to your local pub or restaurant for your lunch or dinner and collect a pre-ordered ‘substantial meal’ to support your local.

The hospitality will come back stronger than ever before. The industry has proven their resilience time and time again and worked tirelessly to innovate in one of the most unfavourable environments. 

For now we’ll just have to fondly reminisce about last year’s parties, the hustle and bustle of Oxford street and the excessive number of Christmas dinners we consumed with friends and family.