Monday 16/11/2020

Give your customers a reason to go for a walk this lockdown

Lockdown stopped us from:

  • meeting up with our mates
  • eating out at our local 
  • drinking pints at the pub 

It didn’t stop your restaurant’s ability to sell damn good food and connect with your customers.

Whether you’ve already adapted your operational model or are still looking at diversifying your offering, one thing is certain. Click & Collect / Delivery is here to stay and will remain an important revenue stream for operators well into the future. 

Bizzon’s ‘Click & Collect’ service lets you sell directly to your customers and say buh-bye to UberEats and Deliveroo commissions.

All your customers need to do is:

Scan a bespoke QR code

Click and add items to their cart

Collect their order from your restaurant location

The process is just as easy in reverse. Upon receiving an order, you'll get a chance to approve it and estimate a preparation time. This is sent to the customer via email, so they know how long you need to work your magic in the kitchen. When the order is prepared you can notify the customer, letting them know their order is ready for collection. 

Sounds great, but how do you let your customers know you offer click & collect?

Here’s what we’d suggest:

  • Add your QR code to your ‘click & collect’ website landing page
  • Add your webshop link to your Instagram bio and add your QR code to your Instagram posts and stories. 
  • Go old school and print your QR code on promotional flyers
  • Print & staple your QR code onto your delivery bags to remind returning customers of this.

Like we said, online ordering is here to stay. Whether you've implemented it already (but are wanting to change providers) or are seriously thinking about adding it to your restaurant offering, we're here to help.