Thursday 5/11/2020

Make Your [Guest] Relationships Great Again

As the UK heads into lockdown 2.0, we understand how scary and frustrating this time is for hospitality businesses - more so for those that are unable to support online services. While the month ahead might seem like another setback for your business, it could also provide you with the perfect opportunity to focus on your most valuable asset - your guests. 

It’s time to speak, tweet and double tap

If Covid19 has done anything remotely positive, it's closed the gap between retail and hospitality and forced F&B operators to make eCommerce options available to their customers. However, many restaurants are still reliant on aggregators like Deliveroo and UberEats to sell and promote their products. A necessary evil - but one that completely mutes a merchant’s ability to converse with their customers. 

Consumers are constantly online and 2020 has provided ample opportunity to play ‘catch up’ and accelerate your digital strategy. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or via email - try and have conversations with your guests directly. You can also advertise relevant content on their feeds and in their inboxes when they want to and are ready to make a purchase. This does mean that you need to continuously communicate with your customers to build meaningful relationships with them. But owning your customer data will enable your restaurant or hotel to fight back against aggregators, reassess disappointing loyalty programmes and empower marketing managers to sell directly to your customers.

Need multiple sales channels to survive? 

To be able to offer your products across various digital platforms, you need to start effectively communicating with your customers. Being omni-channel means that you can create an integrated e-commerce experience for your customers and authentically communicate with them. 

Take control of the experience they have with your brand, because ultimately it’s that experience that’s going to enable repeat visits and strengthen your relationships with customers and inspire repeat business.

Here are our 'secrets':

It’s hardly surprising that restaurateurs and hoteliers feel overwhelmed when faced with the task of building and growing brand awareness. But it really doesn't have to be all that complicated. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Diversify your offering 
    Click & Collect, Delivery and Table-only service is the new normal. Some operators have already moved to a more flexible operational model in order to survive. It’s not too late to implement technology that will help your business survive and thrive. Restaurants who have opened up delivery / click & collect have not only enabled additional revenue streams, they’ve also unlocked an entirely new demographic of customers.
  2. If customers can’t come to you, go to them.  
    You only need to look at the retail industry to see the power of social retargeting. Retailers cracked this years ago when they started tracking user abandonment and then retargeting products to consumers across socials and the Google Display Network. You can do the same:

    - Set up retargeting campaigns on social media platforms - these will enable you to promote your brand to your existing and lookalike audiences.
    - Target your audiences around lunch and dinner. With so many people working from home, platforms like LinkedIn are likely to be as successful as Facebook and Instagram.
    - Regularly email your existing database with links to click & collect/delivery webshop. If they order, take note of their items and email them again in a week’s time with an offer or discount code to encourage repeat business. 
  3. Analyse down your data 
    Leveraging your data will improve the overall business effectiveness and conversion rates. You don’t need to look very far. Google Analytics’s e-commerce tab gives you all the information you need within minutes. Your dashboard immediately shows your best-sellers and profit-makers, your average order value, your customer demographics and maybe most critically your cart abandonment. This data can revolutionise your business. It will help you make critical decisions which will directly impact your revenue.

We're here to help. Our software was built to support every element of your business from front and back of house, to customer experience and sales. Implementation is quick, easy and affordable. Return on investment is fast.

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