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You got good beans

Air is full of aromas fair and feral, from the four corners of the world.

Roasted on premises.

Grinders whirr. La Pavoni hisses.







Your staff makes perfect lattes and ristrettos, iced americanos, or coffee shakes.

People drop in, stop off, sit down, pick up cups of perfect joe.

Pay in less than half a second.

Takeaway VAT calculated automatically.


All kinds of coffee served

Bizzon runs your inventory like clockwork.

Invest a bit of time and enter every possible variation and add on.

Note every bean, syrup flavour, cup size.

Every variation and add on.

Anything they ever wanted to put in their coffee.

Help them order triple espresso with whipped cream and cookie dough dynamo ice cream in a large cup with a splash of Kahlua.


Bizzon keeps stock, helps baristas make it, and staff serve it.


Harmonizes hospitality.



See every bean

When it comes to inventory and business management tools, Bizzon rules.

It can help you analyse the ins and outs of a location in seconds – what sells best, what needs to be promoted.  


Depending on your organisation, you can set up various admin levels: for servers, baristas, location managers – each with their own set of rules.

You rule over all of them using one central interface.


Enjoy the big picture or dive into the details of a specific location.

Reports go deep into detail and are fully configurable so you can turn your coffeehouse around based on informed decisions.

Scale like a dragon

One artisanal roastery or a franchise of 20 locations scattered over the city or the globe – Bizzon makes it easy.


You can create one menu for all of your locations,  set custom rules or specials for every location based on the Bizzon data and update everything as many times you like within a day.

It propagates in seconds.


In as many languages and currencies you want.


You can also move items from a location where they don’t sell to the one that is about to run out.

Micromanage, macromanage – whatever your style, manage better with the incredible amount of data Bizzon provides.


It works globally.

One of our accounts runs over 100 locations in 5 countries.

Integrated inventory.

Cardless Loyalty

Bizzon uses your customer’s payment card as a loyalty card.


They don’t bother with a card they leave at home anyway, but you know their favourites and whether they deserve a treat on the house.

Loyalty is easy-peasy.


Promotional bundles, special offers and discount plans are made in an instant.

Per location, country or franchise. 

Implement in a day

Test location can be set up in a day. 

Once you are happy with how it works, well spread Bizzon to other locations.

Rollout is shorter.

For one of our clients we did two locations per day. 

65 in 20 days.

You sit back and examine the data.

Configure your reports per location or staff member.

See what sells best and what needs to be promoted, down to the last bean.


Bizzon is never done

Sure, it works perfectly and can cover myriad scenarios, but Bizzon will never be finished.

It evolves as the ways we pay evolve.


Just like 1.66 billion of online buyers from 2017 will be 2.14 billion in 2021

The ease of paying over your phone made sure of it.

65% of millennials do it.

You do too.


Whichever way the world goes, you will be one step ahead with Bizzon.  

It will grow as you grow your business.


From local to global, all in one intuitive interface.