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Bizzon is fast and personalized

Guests can order online, in-store, even over an interactive self service kiosk.


Add as many toppings they wish, in any size you care to serve. 


Pick it up, take it away (with correct VAT added automatically) or drink it there. 


Split the bill and mix the payment types as they please.

Boost loyalty using their purchase history

Know your guests favourites and how often they come so you can treat them accordingly.


All in the menu

Bizzon starts with the menu. 


Once setup, it syncs your stock after every order. 


Offers a variety of sizes, toppings and add-ons.


Shows the daily takings, best selling items and the fastest server. 


All in one dashboard. 

Manage staff

Bizzon is intuitive, so training takes a minute or less. 


With permissions based on your staff roles it also helps keep track of their efficiency and award them accordingly. 


Thanks to configurable reporting you (or the location manager) can see the state of every order in real time.

Scale like a dragon

One artisanal roastery or a franchise of 20 locations scattered over the city or the globe – Bizzon makes it easy.

 You can create one menu for all of your locations,  set custom rules or specials for every location based on the Bizzon data and update everything as many times as you like.


Cardless Loyalty

Bizzon brings up purchase history with every payment. 


Know what your customers love, how often they come and give them a reason to return.


All of the conveniences of a loyalty program without a card.


Track in real time

Every order syncs with the inventory, making supply management easy. 


You can configure reports to your needs: see best selling items, fastest cashier or barista, successful promotions or great package deals. 


All in one convenient dashboard.