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End to end customer experience solution

Bizzon takes care of your customer interactions, orders and payments online or in store, self service or with the help of your staff.

Every order syncs with your inventory, making supply management simple and efficient.

Reports are configurable.

Run multiple locations on one Bizzon

It integrates perfectly with ResDiary and Oracle PMS.

It is multi language and multi currency, spanning multiple geographies.

Accor uses Bizzon across the UK and EU.


Bizzon inventory adapts to your business – if you serve prepacked portions, you just enter the stock and it keeps it tidy, updating after every order.

If you make your own products based on recipes and normatives Bizzon can keep track of every ingredient in a recipe, allowing you to manage cost, calculate earnings, even fix them on the fly.

It can also help you optimize your kitchen and preparation, by grouping items on the menu based on the prep station supposed to make them for you.

Discount bundles, promotional packages, special prices items – all done using your inventory.

Menu - app, website, interactive self-service kiosks

Your menu is generated as soon as you populate your inventory with products.

Products are divided in categories (starter, main, )

Categories you create can be assigned to prep stations (cocktails, barista, grill,)

It can have as many variations to a dish or a drink you like.

Guests can expand those variations with as many add ons and side dishes you allow them.

This is the menu used by your staff members, on a branded menu website your clients use to order takeaway or pick up dishes on the fly, and the interactive self-service kiosks.

Same menu that connects to kitchen displays or printers.

As soon as they order, it is being prepared.

Every member of the staff knows what to do and when to do it.

Bizzon as usual.

Configurable reporting

Bizzon starts you off with the usual: gross, refunds, surcharges, total, taxes, net, cash, card, room, pre-billing.

You can break it down to location, member of staff, item served.

Whatever deserves reporting in your book.

You can set up reminders and stock alarms.

Set up your Bizzon anyway you like, play with options and add ons until you find the right combination for your business.

No extra charges.

However big you get to be, Bizzon still costs the same and works equally well.

Ready to get your Bizzon?


In its original state, Bizzon is an ideal operating system for any type of restaurant, bar, cafe, hotel, any kind of shop dealing with perishables.

As is, it can be scaled to hundreds of locations without a hitch.

One of our clients is running over a hundred locations in five countries.

Bizzon handles all of the language variations, automatically converts currency and handles all of the stock for each and every one of the locations.

If you are interested in upgrading your branches or franchises all over the world – Bizzon can sort you out.

Fastest processing

When developing a product you have to consider the competition and work towards an advantage potential clients will recognise and remember.

Bizzon chose to be the fastest POS processing in the west.

0.485 seconds per transaction.

Cardless Loyalty

If you are serious about your business, you know that loyalty programs work.

Showing your guests and customers you remember them, treating them to a nice gift.

Trouble is, they forget, loose or just don’t care about the loyalty cards.

So we got rid of them.

Tied it all to their payment card.

Whenever they pay, at any of your locations, you know what they like.

Integrated with ResDiary

For the restaurateur wanting to keep an eye on the entire customer journey, from the moment they book a table until they pop a button from your creme brulee, we’ve integrated Bizzon with Resdiary.

ResDiary is a table management app helping owners maximise covers and protecting them from no show guests by a system of simple automated reminders, allowing them to cancel and spare you the waiting.  

You decide where Bizzon ends and ResDiary begins.  

We provide seamless digital experience of your merchant dreams.