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  • Ordering
  • ePOS system
  • Reporting
  • Staff
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Control supplier invoices and compare them to orders. Keep an eye on price changes. Order supplies directly through the Bizzon interface.


Build your menu in minutes. Add new products on the go. Propagate it across multiple locations in seconds. Track best sellers and supply prices. Keep an eye on your margin at all times. 

Kitchen display

Group menu items and connect them to your specific kitchen or bar station workflow. Free your staff so they can focus on delivering best experiences.


Syncs with every order, so you know what you have at all times, across locations. Low stock alerts remind you to send your supply orders directly from Bizzon interface.

Configurable reporting

Configure real time reports to your needs. Filter sales per location or revenue centre (outlet, restaurant, cafe, juice bar). Export your data directly into external tools of your choice via Bizzon APIs. Handle multiple locations and concepts through a centralised inventory.

In depth overview of your entire business

One location or a Group of Properties, Bizzon offers unique data transparency and actionable insights in a single Interface. 


Let guests order

From their phones while at the beach bar, one of the restaurants, or the SPA. Orders go straight to the kitchen displays or printers. Staff is notified when to serve orders or wrap them for delivery.

Takeout and delivery

Open a new revenue stream in minutes. Take online takeaway orders from customers through a branded menu website included in Bizzon. Earn more with less effort.

Open Tab

Open a tab for the table, connect orders from the bar or the SPA, make final bills in seconds and get less orders wrong. Tested on a football stadium bar and table service. Ask us about it.

Order History

Help staff make great recommendations and pairings based on order history. Treat guests to desert or coffee with a sweet liqueur you know they like.


Let your customers pay with their favourite card, wallet or app. 

ePOS System


Fastest transactions in the industry. PCI DSS Level 1 certification. The queue killer.

Mobile Pos

Make informed recommendations or pairings based on order history or active promotions. Accept all types of payment. Bizzon pocket sized card readers make payments easier for everyone. 

Self Service box

Easy to use, fast to set up. Sends orders to the kitchen or bar, freeing your staff to deliver the best guest experiences. Tried and tested in QSR, Coffeeshop and Football Stadium Hospitality boxes. 

Oracle PMS integration

Hotels running Oracle Symphony can integrate Bizzon and offer their guests the ultimate in convenience: ordering freely anywhere within the hotel, resort, town, the world. Multilingual and multi currency. 

ResDiary integration

With the dedicated ResDiary integration you’ll have all your bookings where you need them, in Bizzon, while the status of your tables are reflected on ResDiary, in real time.


Custom roles and permissions

Build employee roles to fit your company. Not everyone needs to order supply or see daily revenue.

Staff Audits

Track your staff performance so you can award them accordingly.

Train staff

In hundreds of installations, Bizzon has proven intuitive and simple to use. Staff picks it up in minutes.


Configure reports to your needs

Filter data per customer, revenue centre, staff member, location, menu item. Real Time Revenue, Bestsellers, Taxes, Margins – Bizzon connects all your data. Drill into detail down to a particular staff member or specific menu items.


Export your data directly into external tools of your choice via Bizzon APIs.

In your phone

Track stock, orders, staff, revenue, promotions and loyalty across properties in real time, through one dashboard.

Customer Experience

Ordering convenience

Let guests order anywhere. Get every order right. Make ordering and payment a fun experience.

Order history

Store your customer interactions so you can make great suggestions. Recognise trends and engage guests with meaningful loyalty programs and promotions.


Design your promotions location specific or across properties. Fine tune them on the go. Create new ones whenever you like.


Move away from the “10 items for the price of 9” stamp collecting crowd with fully configurable and automated loyalty programs.


Award discounts to customers posting content on their social networks with your #tag


Onboarding session

Our team will guide you through the process and train your staff in location. Bizzon is so intuitive it takes but a minute.

8AM to 6PM EU located daily support

Send us a message on the email or chat, and we’ll get back to you or try +44 20 3319 5062