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iZettle ePOS: Everything you need to know

Whether you’re running a café, clothing store or barber shop iZettle app is the point of sale (POS) that empowers you to accept any type of payment and track sales.

iZettle is a payment processing and ecommerce solution for Brick and Click shops: If you run a market stall, a cafe or drive a taxi, it is perfect. You can open a free account, populate your own product library, and within 24 hours you can process card, cash and invoice payments. Every transaction incurs a 1.75% charge. iZettle tracks inventory and cash flow.

Is iZettle ePos right for your business? Read on.

What kind of business accounts iZettle offers?

iZettle offers business accounts for any kind of small shop. If you just came up with the idea to open a coffee stall at the local market in two days, or have been running one of those for years, you can get an iZettle business account. You sign up, download the app, create your own product library, get a £29 iZettle reader and you’re in business. You can now sell online, in-store and on the move. All of your daily operations go through iZettle.

Does iZettle offer staff accounts?

Each staff member gets their own login and you can switch quickly between accounts on the same device. Use this to track staff sales and spare them the hassle of repeatedly logging in and out. Your staff can learn everything they need to know from training videos available online.

Izettle does not cover multiple locations or automatically divide your orders per station in your bar or a restaurant. If you need to send some orders to the grilling station and others to the cocktail mixing station, you’d be better off with a Bizzon.

How much does it cost?

The account and the app is free. You have to buy the £29 iZettle reader and every transaction is charged 1.75%. iZettle does not differentiate between cards. You’re charged the same for Amex as with Visa and all other card types, and iZettle even accepts UnionPay, Diners Club, Discover and JCB, with the only exception being 2.5% for keyed in card data.

If you take more than £250k in card transactions, Bizzon is a viable solution, where debit card processing cost is more like 0.40%.

Can you run multiple locations with iZettle?

In theory you could, with one account being one location, but each location would have to be created as a separate account and they could not share inventory. This can be a problem for businesses spanning multiple geographies, or UK business with dreams of global expansion.

Although there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to managing multiple locations with a joint inventory and configurable reporting – be it 5 coffeehouses in Shoreditch or 200 branches around the globe, treat yourself to a Bizzon. Multilinguistic, multi currency, with a promotion engine and analytics spanning all of your properties.

With a borderless account and configurable analytics you can run an empire with precision and efficiency, down to every employee.

My iZettle Reader is broken

According to Izzetle, your card reader is your responsibility. If it is not working, you can return the faulty card reader device to iZettle. iZettle will, in its discretion, either repair or replace faulty card reader devices within 90 days of the date of receipt of the card reader device. Imagine running your shop for three months without a card reader.

How to contact iZettle

If you are a customer already, the easiest way to get in touch with the iZettle customer support team is through the in-app chat system. You’ll just need to click the help tab and start a new request, to talk to a member of the team. If you don’t have the app, or you haven’t got your phone handy, there are a couple of different ways you can get in touch with iZettle:

By email: hello@izettle.com

Regular support team is available weekdays 9-5pm, by phone 020 3984 8464

Community: Check the iZettle community for information. Maybe someone else has already asked your question, and if not, you can drop your question there and someone from the iZettle team will answer you.


Choosing the ePOS system for your business is mission critical.

Get the right tools, and you can streamline production, control cost and margin, create promotions on the fly. Get it wrong, and you might find restrictions which make it tricky to grow your business as you’d like to.

By doing some research before choosing your ePOS, you’ll be able to find the right service for your needs – so you can focus on what really matters.