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Your room is ready


Let us treat you to your usual.

We reserved you your favourite table for this evening.

A pleasure to have you back.



Whatever, wherever

Your guests can order food and beverages at the beach, pool bar, one of your restaurants, the night club or the Spa.

Every order comes to the right kitchen or bar display or printer.

In an instant.

Even if you have a restaurant in town and the hotel is outside of town.


Whenever the mood strikes

As they touch the misty cocktail on their phone display, one is prepared by your bartender.

Every order comes to the right kitchen or bar station.

Display or printer.

Even if you have a restaurant in town and the hotel is outside of town.

Your menus in their hands all the time.


The usual

If you run a hotel with 50 rooms, you meet a hundred new people every day.

It is impossible to remember the usual.


It was impossible.


Bizzon ties every purchase to a user account, allowing you to know every guest.


Allergies, favourite drinks or dessert


Knowing them is what makes them come back.


And you want them to come back.

And tell their friends how great you were.

Smooth as silk

Running a hotel, or a couple of them is so many moving parts it is easy to get lost in the details.

Bizzon straightens it all out.

Every order is instantly displayed at the correct station,  you see it being made and delivered

The stock is adjusted down to a sliver of truffle in your signature dish.

Reporting is fully configurable.


Change the menu or create special offers in seconds.

Set up as permission levels as you like: Waiters see the menu and their orders, with total and tips at the end of a day.

Floor managers see all of the waiters, along with the kitchen times.

You decide who needs to know what.


All Over the World

Bizzon connects all of your locations into one database, built from the ground up, starting with stock.

Every place has its own stock, but you can manipulate the data for all of them.


Move stock between them.


Adjust the offerings to a specific location, or tailor specific experiences across all of your properties.  

All based on your guests’ orders and behaviour.

Implement in a day

Once you get all the paperwork cleared by your bank, we can install your Bizzon within 24 hours.

We test run it first, at a location of your choice.

Once you are happy with how it works, we spread it around.

Sit back and examine the data.

Configure your reports per location or staff member.

Enjoy getting things done.


Grow global, pay local

Wherever your business is now, Bizzon covers your needs and streamlines your managerial process to peak efficiency.

Orders, reports, invoices, tracking and creating special offers is simple.

Packed with features, Bizzon is intuitive to use.

All you need to do and know is there, in front of you, taps or clicks away.

Open a second location.

When you upgrade to a chain of hotels, the price remains the same.


*One of our client’s Bizzon handles 100 hotels all over the UK and EU





Bizzon is never done

Sure, it works perfectly and can cover a myriad of scenarios, but Bizzon will never be done.

It evolves as the way we pay evolves.


Just like 1.66 billion of online buyers from 2017 will be 2.14 billion in 2021

The ease of paying over your phone made sure of it.

65% of millennials do it.


You do too.


It will grow as you grow.

From local to global, all in one intuitive interface.

Harmonise hospitality.


Get your Bizzon

Enable guests to get what they want in the most convenient manner that fits with their everyday behaviour

This solution (Bizzon) for ordering and paying for food and drinks from a smartphone marks another significant step on our mission to giving guests the best possible experience in our hotels, said Thomas Dubaere, Chief Operating Officer of AccorHotels Northern Europe

Carla Milovanov, Vice President, Digital Services and IT, AccorHotels, added: “The technology can be easily integrated with our existing IT platforms and it is very intuitive and easy to train employees to use. It is a great addition to the digital services we have been developing to provide a better customer journey, and to help our partners manage their hotels better, optimise revenues and monitor and track their performance.