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Order and Pay at the Table

Without Waiting for Your Server


When the customers have been seated they get a QR code to view their order. 

In seconds, without the help of a waiter, they can now order additional food and drinks, even pay. 

Let us say your guests ordered two schnitzels and three beers, since one of them was not that hungry. As they drink the beer, the “not hungry” guest decides he would like to try the egg toast. Instead of waving his hands in the air, shouting across a crowded (and often loud) bistro space they just scan the QR code and add whatever they want to the order. 

The bar and the kitchen staff get their order along with a notification sound, so they can not miss it. Waiter grabs the avocado salad and takes it to the table. He did not have to walk to the table, then back to the bar and to the table again. Guests did not have to wait for the waiter to notice them. Everything happened in an instant and without any aggro.

The same table has finished their meal and had their coffee. Since the meal was hearty and filling, accompanied by a bottle of red wine, they are now sleepy. Instead of waiting for the waiter, they open the order on their phones and select PAY.



*Pay and order at the table have two desirable outcomes: one is allowing guests to top up their order with drinks and food, the other is paying using the simplest Google or Apple Pay. 

We are keeping things basic here, as our user scenarios show most people do not want to fiddle with entering their credit card numbers there and then. Instead of doing it yourself you call a waiter over and have him handle the card transaction. With phone payments becoming ubiquitous, it is only a matter of time these functionalities are the only ones needed 

In an ideal case scenario, guests pay and just walk out, and can even order everything themselves, apart from that first drink needed to open the order. Waiters can open orders and handout QR codes without that first order of drinks if the client prefers, but this is the ideal case ‘ scenario we are trying to describe here.

Inhouse we call this feature Uber for restaurants, as you are able to walk in and out of places without talking to the staff if you choose to do so. You are served and you can pay almost without contact. 

Waiters are still needed – who else would look into your guest order history to recommend something interesting from the specials or a wine the guests might like, based on their previous orders?Bizzon just saves them from walking too much and helps them get every order right.

If you want to raise your revenue, but would like to keep your staff spend in check and your operations simple, try streamlining your guest experience with the right technology. 

Bizzon Order and pay at the table functionality will be up and running across Accor properties soon.

Go and see for yourself, or just give us a call and we’ll come and demo it all for you. 


We just added Table Plan – Click here if you want to know more and why is this an important milestone for us