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Bizzon makes serving a piece of cake

Guests order and pay any way they like, splitting the bill and mixing up payment types as they please. 


Your staff has time to explain the dishes, while orders fly to the kitchen.

Everything is perfectly harmonised

The front and back of the house. 


Your menu and inventory, down to recipe ingredients. 


Manage all using one dashboard: inventory, staff, ePOS and customers.

Everything starts with a menu

As you create your menu (we can do it for you) it is tied to your stock. 


Synced with every order. 


Add specials or create promotions in seconds. 


See if an order is being prepared, served or has just been taken. 


All in real time on every mobile device.

Integrated with ResDiary

Streamline your managerial style with the ability to follow every guest from the moment they book a table. 


Let guests order on the way, so it is served as soon as they are seated.


Start doing takeaway via branded web menu website (correct VAT added automatically).


See their purchase history as they pay. 


Treat them to coffee and sweets. 


Works across all of your locations, even those abroad. 

Try it free for a month

Pilot is set up in 24h

Manage staff

With multiple levels of staff permissions, you can audit waiters, give control to the floor managers and chefs. 


Waiters can transfer open tables and share tips. 


Cooks keep an eye on the stock. 


Managers create promotions and happy hours in a few clicks. 


You see everything in real time with every order visible as prepared, ready to serve and served. 


Bizzon is so intuitive training takes minutes.

Know every guest

Bizzon brings up purchase history with every payment. 


Know what they like, how often they come and give them a reason to return.


Get all of the conveniences of a loyalty program without a card.

Fastest ePOS on the market

When tested, Bizzon performed every transaction under half a second, at the highest available security standards. 


No matter how your guests want to split the bill or which type of payment they used. 

Reporting that matters to you

How fast was a dish prepared or served, what is the best seller at a particular location, how are the daily specials moving across all of your locations. 


You decide what you need. 


Bizzon delivers real time data to your handheld device.


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