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The table is set

Guests arrive.

Your staff takes their order using a mobile device. 

Alternatively, guests use a mobile device on the table.

Kitchen displays light at every station.

Orders print. 

Like clockwork, the dishes come together. 



Guests order wine by the glass through a consumer-facing Bizzon

Bills are split any way they like it. 

Online, card, phone payments accepted and processed in under half a second.

When they return, you know what they had – at any of your locations. 

Their payment card is their loyalty card. 

Treat them to their favourite dessert.

Sweeten the deal. 

Menu as inventory


Bizzon breaks down dishes on your menu into ingredients and takes stock after every completed order.

You know exactly how much your signature dishes costs.

See popular specials in real time

Change the menu or add a new special in seconds.

Forward all of the financial data to your accountant.

All changes are instantly visible on every handheld device.

Lightning fast specials

As tables fill and orders come in you can see what is popular, so you can stock up quick or come up with other exciting specials.

You can even switch the specials halfway through the night.

Come up with a promotion for those slow-moving dishes.

Compare the results with other locations.

However many locations.

One of our accounts runs over 100 restaurants in 5 countries.

Multi-currency, multi-language, integrated inventory, configurable reporting.

If you need that kind of thing.

As many admins as you want

Every waiter has their own account and can see how their orders are being prepared, are they ready to serve or have been served already.

When their shift is about to end, they transfer the tables to a colleague.

Managers have their own accounts so they can see how well each of their staff performs, what are the best sellers and what needs to be pushed more.

They can create specials or promotional offers.  

Cooks can have their own account on Bizzon helping them keep an eye on stock and orders.


You run the show, see everything, down to the last pinch of salt.

Keep them keen

Tying guest purchase history to their payment card works for all.

You know what they like, how often they visit and what are their favourites so you can treat them.

They get all the conveniences of a loyalty program without the hassle of carrying a card around to be stamped or worse.

It is handy when you happen to run a few places around the world (or just in the next neighbourhood)

Cardless Loyalty

Bizzon uses your customer’s payment card as a loyalty card.

You know their favourites and whether they deserve a treat on the house.

Make all kinds of promotional bundles, special offers and discount plans in minutes.

Implement in a day

Once you get all the paperwork cleared by your bank, we can install your Bizzon within 24 hours.

You enter your menu and the prices (don’t have to go into detail now)

And off you go.

Set reports and reminders up as you go along using one central interface.

Configure reports to see a level of detail you did not think possible.

Down to every pinch of salt used.


Half a second for a sale

Bills are split any way your guests want – per item or percentage.

Guests pay with a card, online or over the phone.

Transaction take half a second

0.485 seconds exactly.

As they pay, you see their purchase history (tied to the payment card – the one they never leave at home).

Treat them to a sweet and coffee.

Sweeten the deal with Bizzon.