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Let customers order anywhere

via a hospitality box self-service kiosk, mobile POS carried by your staff, or an ePOS at the bar.





Hospitality Box Self-Service Kiosk

Guests think it’s “fun” to order from the hospitality box. They get their drinks faster because no one has to come find them, then walk down, then back up.

Bizzon makes it just one walk. 

Since it’s “fun,” guests are happy to order more, and more often.

Fixed ePOS

At the Royal Haymarket Theatre staff’s login time went from 4.5 minutes to 10 seconds with Bizzon.

The ePOS processed contactless transactions so quickly that it virtually eliminated bar queues. 

Bizzon brings a lot more to the table and the bar.

  • Inventory Management across all bars in real time.
  • Real-Time Revenue, Bestsellers, Taxes, Margins – all kinds of reporting. 
  • Instant access to Customer Order History, visible at time of payment so you know customer preferences and visit frequency.
  • On-the-fly creation of promotion and loyalty incentives as needed. Instant Instagram Awards for posts with your hashtag.

Mobile POS table service

At a football stadium Bizzon’s mobile POS table service meant that guests didn’t have to wait in lines at the bar. They loved sitting and discussing the game instead of standing and waiting for their drinks. The bar wasn’t crowded and served more people.

The Open Tab feature increased the accuracy of the final bills, which the system processed in seconds.

No more panicking, no more wasting minutes or making mistakes. 

All paperless.