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The Match is On

Fans barge in, thirsty and hungry, picking up beers, snacks, drinks on their way to the seats and stands.

You only have a dozen of points of sale for 30.000 people.

Every transaction counts.

The faster you serve, the more you earn

Bizzon does it in under half a second at the bar, online, or via their phone.




Let them run a tab

Hospitality lounge guests relay their wishes using an interactive self-service kiosk.

Order flies into the kitchen or to the bar. 

Someone brings it up.

Purchase history can tell you whether they are a home or away fan, so you can treat them accordingly.

Track it all in real time

You see every order.

What sells where, how many kegs are about to run out, so you can react on time. 

Move the pukka pies to the hungry, beer taps to the thirsty.

Things on your radar

Bizzon provides useful insights into every segment down to products that perform better or worse in different areas of the arena – so you can optimise prices and create promotions on the go.


You did not think possible – details in abundance, all in one interface.


Accounting does itself.


You just look at it for the data.


What went well where, what needs to be marked up or down.


Sales from all of the points calculated and broken down.


Any way they want to

It is not just the dishes and drinks you serve – your customers can choose their way to pay:


Credit cards, online payments, self-service, even phone transactions.


Bizzon is P2Pe ready and has the highest certification of PCI Compliance.