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Visually Edit Your Table Plan for the Evening

Create a table plan for your restaurant in a couple of minutes, using a simple drag and drop interface to help your staff and increase turnover due to better visibility of table and order situation and bookings to come.

A table plan is a tool that allows shift or floor managers to design their own table plan for a specific location. The plan (or room layout) is created using our web admin. You (or the person tasked with doing this) build the table plan based on the reservations for the night, every night or once and for all, if your restaurant has just one, huge 20 people table in the middle. 

Once you are happy with the plan, you save it and it shows up in mobile apps for all of the staff to see. When the tables start filling up, you can keep track of pax at the table, see their current order (if they just had starters or are about to finish dessert and leave), what has been served to the specific table and what is still coming up. Having it all visible on one screen makes resetting the tables faster and easier to plan. 

During the prototyping phase in one of Accor hotels using Bizzon, all of the test users loved the table plan solution a lot more than the previously used table list view. It makes sense – seeing the floor layout works a lot better and is simpler for users to grasp in a glance. List made sense at a certain point in our ecosystem, but we have since grown and added many features our clients needed. We (heart) our clients

Using a table plan can help map out your future table plans. Let us say you have a huge office party that uses up all of your tables in a typical U shaped formation, seating 50 people. They booked your place until 6, so you take new bookings starting at 7 and are able to completely reset your entire place step by step, as party members leave and you how many need to be seated at your upcoming table. 

Useful when busy 

Table plan allows the front of house staff to use our table status indicators to make a quick assessment of whether there will be space available in the restaurant soon. Works great for offering good customer service over the phone or to walk ins.


Less mental effort on the part of the waiter because, with the table plan, they don’t have to remember table numbers and improves their spatial orientation. Also, allows new staff to offer more attention to customer improves collaboration between staff: they don’t have to think about table numbers and remember which table is where, they can just consult the map.


ResDiary integration works perfectly with our table plan, making it easier to keep an eye on customer experience, end to end, from the moment of booking to the moment they pay and leave your restaurant. 


Functionalities we are working on as you read this:

  • The course number the diners are on
  • Indicator whether customer has asked for the bill or if they have paid
  • Indicator of upcoming bookings
  • Indicator for overflowing tables
  • Indicator for merged tables 


If your current ePOS system does not have a table plan and you need one, why not get in touch and see how can Bizzon make work easier for you and your staff.


We just added Order and Pay at the Table. Click here to learn more