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What is Sumup

SumUp Air is fuss free low-cost card reader for contactless and chip card payments and a mobile app. It is simple to use, setup costs are very low, and there are no fixed, monthly fees or minimum transaction volume required.

It connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth, processing payments securely over the internet, with sales stored in the cloud.

Who is Sumup for

SumUp is empowering small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). If you decide to make artisan gelato and sell it from a wooden cart, or sell your latest paintings on a street market, even if you are a vicar at the village church making your collection. According to Dimitri Gugunava, Vice President for Banking and Acquiring at SumUp “Card acceptance has been burdensome and expensive, especially for small businesses,” and he continues “Merchants are starting to realise that accepting card payments can be faster and cheaper than cash. You don’t have to offer change and you can cut the administrative costs.”

How do I start using Sumup

You sign up on their website, filling in basic information about yourself and your business. Like any other payment provider, they perform a check against the business details you provide, but as long as you are not classed as a “restricted business”, and your bank account is the one used for your business takings, they will most likely accept it all pretty swiftly.

What kind of payments can you accept with Sumup

The card reader accepts chip (PIN or sign) and contactless NFC payments from any credit or debit cards with the Visa, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay and Discover logo displayed. Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted too.

If you decide to use a virtual terminal, so you can accept payments with the card not present, you’ll have to hope they approve you, based on your payment history so far. The instructions about this are a bit vague and unclear, so there is no way to guarantee you will be allowed to run a virtual terminal.

Can I make staff accounts in Sumup

SumUp gives you the option to create multiple staff logins with basic restrictions. You can restrict whether the staff member can view all transactions and whether they are allowed to process refunds. No analytics per person, shift, or item. Just a list.

How much does Sumup cost

Sumup has the initial cost of £19 + VAT for the Air card reader. This is delivered free within a week, but it might take another week or two before you can accept payments, as SumUp needs to verify your turnover and activate the virtual terminal if you pass internal checks.

The ongoing cost for using SumUp is 1.69% per transaction (bit less than the competition) and 2.95% + 25p when card not present (bit more than competition). You pay the same whether you process £1 or £100,000 in a month, so if you’re business grows fast it could be an expensive option

Is SumUp secure

SumUp has no PCI compliance requirements, although it recommends always following good practice procedures during payments. If that does not feel safe enough for you, maybe go for a solution with highest PCI certificates and P2Pe, like Bizzon.

What kind of reporting do I get

The SumUp online dashboard shows an overview of the basic sales information within the period of time selected. You can export the sales from a particular day, week or month as a CSV file for accounting. Payout reports are sent via email when settlements are completed. Your payments are not connected to inventory in any way and you cannot order stock using SumUp.

If you need advanced and configurable reporting, as well as automatic stock taking after every transaction, down to particular ingredients in a recipe, you’d be much better off using Bizzon.

Can you run multiple locations with sumup

Not really. You’d need one SumUp per location. Every account = one device. Each location is a separate account and they do not share inventory or data.

It can be a problem if your gelato cart takes off and you want to have five carts across the UK (or the world).

Why not treat yourself to a Bizzon? Multi language, multi currency, with a promotion engine and analytics spanning all of your properties.

How long does it take to get a reader

During the sign-up, you can order the SumUp Air reader. It is sent from Germany. The website states it arrives in “3-5 business days” but the confirmation email claims it to be “5-7 working days”.

How fast can I take payments

Once you get the reader in 3-5 or 5-7 work days, people at SumUp still need to verify you so you can start working. It takes a couple of days or a week, so if you need to accept those payments starting tomorrow, maybe go for another payment provider. If you have the time, you still might get a message saying you are not eligible and they can not support your business model without any further explanation. SumUp reserves the right to choose who they want to work with, but are not very transparent on what constitutes a good client to them.

How do you manage your products / inventory in Sumup

You can predefine products, complete with images, variants and prices. The products are shown in the app menu so you can just tap to add them to checkout. It’s possible to create different category labels, e.g. “Hot Drinks” and “Food”, shown as separate tabs on the screen which you can switch between. However, SumUp does not track stock levels or allow you to add more than one level of variants per product.

What is the payment process like

The main screen of the app shows the product menu (with products you’ve added) and the option to manually enter an amount in pounds. Entering an amount allows you to type a description of the purchased item/service. You can enter more than one amount if you wish to itemise the bill manually.

When ready to pay, you go to the checkout and tap “Charge”. If you’ve enabled cash payments in settings, you can enter the amount paid in cash. If choosing card payment, the transaction amount will be sent to the card reader – provided it is connected and nearby – and the card reader display will switch on prompting the customer to insert or tap their card or phone.
Once the payment has gone through, an email or text receipt can be sent to the customer, or you can print a receipt via a compatible wireless printer connected in the app.

Can you do a refund

SumUp allows you to refund a complete or partial transaction amount via the original payment method. If the customer paid by card, the refund will be processed to that card. Refunds can only be processed if there is enough balance, i.e. outstanding payouts currently underway to your bank account, to fund the refund.

How do I contact SumUp

In the UK you can call them on 020 3510 0160 Monday to Friday between 8 AM – 7 PM or Saturday 8 AM – 5 PM. If you prefer email, write to support@sumup.co.uk

Chat is available on the Dashboard sumup.me and in the SumUp App