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Let orders fly

from your branded menu website, customer-facing apps or interactive self service kiosks on your premises.


Straight to the kitchen.


Guests pay any way they like, splitting the bill and mixing up payment types as they please.

Less than half a second per transaction

Barely enough time to treat them to a discount based on their purchase history.


Train employees in minutes

Bizzon is so intuitive your staff can earn their keep on the first day, as it takes minutes for them to learn how to take orders and fill them efficiently.

At the end of the shift they can even transfer orders to their colleagues. 

You can audit them using our configurable reports.



Multiple locations - one inventory and dashboard

You can manage multiple locations using Bizzon

Make menu changes across all locations in seconds, create daily specials or promotions, check daily revenues, track trending menu items.

All in one dashboard.


Menu keeps stock tidy

Your menu syncs your inventory tracking every order down to recipe ingredients. 

Have as many variations, sizes, sauces and bundles you want.

Send supply requests direct from Bizzon.




Let guests order

Customers can order and pay online using your branded menu website, so their order is ready when they come to collect.

Use an interactive self-service kiosk on the premises, or talk to your staff.

However they do it, kitchen starts preparing them in an instant.

You can check on every order or just compare results per station in the evening.


Loyalty, no card

Bizzon uses your customer’s payment card as a loyalty card.


They don’t bother with a card they leave at home anyway, but you know their favourites and whether they deserve one on the house.


It is a win-win situation.

It’s fastest transaction speed I’ve ever seen. Even faster than Pret. How can it be faster than Pret?

We have been carefully researching which Epos system to work with. After trying out several well-known Epos brands we felt like there were many aspects lacking in order to achieve the best efficiency when it comes to fast food operation. We continued our efforts to find the best system and finally met with Bizzon.

They offered us the unprecedented speed of transactions, high degree of flexibility when it came to designing our menu set up and great service support. It’s very easy to use and back office is very detailed which helps immensely with forecasting and reporting.

Irakli Sopromadze, Waka UK